HackTraps™ give you a distinct advantage over the attackers. You know where the HackTraps™ are, and they don’t!

HackTraps™ Collection

We have HackTraps™ of all types to place throughout your network. These files covertly alert you of malicious activity on your systems.


Get notified whenever someone opens the Word document. It works cross-platform and doesn’t require macros. Place it strategically on your network, and be alerted to any intruders.


The PDFTrap functions just like the WordTrap. Whenever the PDF is opened, an alert is generated. Place it strategically on your network, and be alerted to any intruders.


The XLSTrap functions just like the DOCTrap and PDFTrap. Whenever the spreadsheet is opened, an alert is generated. Place it strategically on your network, and be alerted to any intruders.


The GIFTrap is the classic email tracking GIF, but it can be used for more than just email. The GIF image itself is a 1×1 pixel image that can be embedded into the body of an email and is also used by the XLSTrap. Whenever an email or spreadsheet is opened, the image is rendered, and this action triggers the alert. Place it strategically on your network, and be alerted to any intruders.


The Directory Trap is a simple WatchPoint that notifies you whenever someone browses a Windows directory using Windows Explorer. Directory Trap also works with network shares, and requires no additional software.


WebTrap works by using JavaScript that sends you a notification whenever your website is copied and hosted somewhere else.


Inserting decoy rows into a database gives you a simple way to monitor your database for unauthorized access attempts and other malicious acts. The DBTrap makes this process very simple by providing the code you need to make it all happen.


A DNSTrap is simply a DNS entry that gets triggered whenever someone performs a lookup on DNSTrap domain name. Hackers will often browse DNS and with this trap you can trigger an alert without the need to setup DNS logging and monitoring.


A URL Watch is a unique URL that is attractive to cybercriminals and would-be wrong doers. Whenever these URLs are resolved, such as by clicking on them, an alert is triggered. The URLs can be embedded within documents, emails, or even on your website.

Why HackTraps™?

HackTraps™ are one of the types of deception technology we utilize to identify once a hacker has penetrated your defenses. These files will warn you if someone is looking around on your protected network so you can take action and get your defenses back up.

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Buy with confidence

All our products come with a 60 day money-back guarantee. If within the first 60 days you are not satisfied with our software, we will issue a full refund of the purchase price.

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Immediate alerts

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