Protect your clients from ransomware

CryptoStopper™ is a stack-agnostic ransomware protection application you can add to your existing offering to better protect your customers.

Ransomware is getting more sophisticated

Attackers are learning more and their techniques are evolving. The primary methods of distributing ransomware remain spear-phishing and insecure Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections. Recent trends in ransomware attacks include:

  • Focused, targeted attacks on specific organizations (and larger ransoms)
  • Removing/Deleting backups before running ransomware
  • Exposing data to the public if ransom is not paid

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have become a primary target because attackers can use one entry point to gain access into multiple potential targets.

In 2019, affected organizations included:

state and municipal governments and agencies
healthcare providers
universities, colleges and schools

Easy, seamless ransomware protection

CryptoStopper™ is a discreet, dedicated app that can be easily wrapped into your current management platform. No replacement or change to your stack is needed, just sign up and start offering it to your clients.

  • Technology (stack) agnostic
  • Re-engage clients and drive additional revenue
  • Provide a best-in-breed differentiator
  • No training, certifications or quota

Frequently Asked Questions

Ransomware Attacks on the Rise

Attackers are also beginning to target MSPs for ransomware attacks. MSPs have been known to quickly pay the ransom to try and restore services quickly, otherwise they will lose their credibility with their clients (and their business). As more MSPs are attacked and pay the ransom, they are increasingly becoming a target themselves.

Get started with CryptoStopper™

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