How MSPs Can Neutralize the Biggest Cyber Threat

Your clients face numerous risks today. From the ordinary perils associated with running a business, including the never-ending financial and personnel-related concerns, to the unusual circumstances arising from the COVID-19 pandemic – risk is a big part of their new normal. (more…)
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Ransomware: How it Works and How to Protect Against Infection

What Ransomware DeliversOne early morning in May 2017, a nurse walked into her ward. She switched on her computer, ready to log in for the busy day ahead. She checked her emails and noticed an urgent message from IT, stating, “Shut down your computer as soon as you see this message. The hospital has been…
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Cybersecurity and the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID-19) and resulting stay-at-home orders have put an unprecedented strain on information security teams and their cybersecurity measures, as employees are required to work remotely. Most significantly at risk for a cyberattack during the coronavirus pandemic are healthcare facilities, food suppliers, and other essential functions. However, all companies are at a higher risk…
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